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wordpress-mu- RPMs available

I rolled out for wpmu yesterday; updates haven’t hit yet, but you should be able to snag packages from koji.  Some security and bug fixes in there.

I still need to file a ticket to get it into F12, since it’s getting a little late to make a change there.


Security fix: wordpress-2.6.5-2 packages for Fedora 10

wordpress-2.6.5-2 just got rolled into dist-f10-updates by bodhi; should be available via mirrors soon. This should address CVE-2009-1030 for those folks not behind a modern httpd webserver.

Package Update: WordPress MU 2.5.1

I rolled a new package as part of my first fedora update, FEDORA-2008-11104. This is a security update, so please upgrade if you’re using the package.

Sorry it took so long, I chalk it up to being new to the updates process.