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Debugging Firefox + GSSAPI

So, I’ve been working on internal collaboration apps, and a big thing is seamless authentication. Unfortunately, I’m no kerberos/gssapi guru, and have been fighting w/ my development KDC instance quite a bit.

I kept wondering why I couldn’t get some sort of console log from Firefox, since the commandline kinit lines were working fine but mod_auth_kerb was very unhappy… turns out, you can 🙂

1) Close all instances of Firefox.
2) Open a command shell, and enter the following commands:

[bretm@koom Desktop]$ export NSPR_LOG_MODULES=negotiateauth:5
[bretm@koom Desktop]$ export NSPR_LOG_FILE=/tmp/moz.log

3) restart firefox and tail /tmp/moz.log

(from RHEL 5’s Deployment Guide)