Security fix: wordpress-2.6.5-2 packages for Fedora 10

wordpress-2.6.5-2 just got rolled into dist-f10-updates by bodhi; should be available via mirrors soon. This should address CVE-2009-1030 for those folks not behind a modern httpd webserver.


EPEL 5 packages roleld for wordpress-mu

I’ve requested and received an EPEL branch for wordpress-mu, and rolled 2.7 into it. This means that RHEL 5-friendly wordpress-mu packages should be available via mirrors soon’ish.


Saw this from Stumbleupon:

Given that my buddy, taw, is a local bee-keeper, I wonder if I should give this a go?

Debugging Firefox + GSSAPI

So, I’ve been working on internal collaboration apps, and a big thing is seamless authentication. Unfortunately, I’m no kerberos/gssapi guru, and have been fighting w/ my development KDC instance quite a bit.

I kept wondering why I couldn’t get some sort of console log from Firefox, since the commandline kinit lines were working fine but mod_auth_kerb was very unhappy… turns out, you can 🙂

1) Close all instances of Firefox.
2) Open a command shell, and enter the following commands:

[bretm@koom Desktop]$ export NSPR_LOG_MODULES=negotiateauth:5
[bretm@koom Desktop]$ export NSPR_LOG_FILE=/tmp/moz.log

3) restart firefox and tail /tmp/moz.log

(from RHEL 5’s Deployment Guide)

WordPress-MU 2.7 packages for Fedora

I’ve built a wordpress-mu-2.7 package into the Fedora 11 Koji target, it should show up in Rawhide tomorrow.


Package Update: WordPress MU 2.5.1

I rolled a new package as part of my first fedora update, FEDORA-2008-11104. This is a security update, so please upgrade if you’re using the package.

Sorry it took so long, I chalk it up to being new to the updates process.

Problems with git bare repos and hooks?

Had an interesting issue crop up yesterday… supposedly, the reason a post-receive hook wasn’t firing was because the repo was set to “bare=true”.  I’ve googled for “bare repo” plus “hook”, and can’t find anything that would suggest hooks function any differently on bare repos vs normal ones.

Can anyone out there point me in the right direction?