Open-source blogging software :/

I’ve been playing around w/ WordPress-MU’s code-base a bit, helping evaluate it for potential in fedora-land and other places… so far the experience has been a bit frustrating. While I think it has more potential than our current solution (lyceum), I would have expected a much easier path.

For someone that is rather intimately familiar with the construction of web applications, the installation process is *horrible*. It requires the schema to be there prior to installation; why not simply allow your installer to create your datastore? Once I finally got myself through the installer process, the 1.3.3 codebase is blowing up on some unknown column error (“blog_public”).

They do have an interesting approach in terms of trying to keep some level of compatibility with the core WordPress code-base… I have to wonder, though, why they just didn’t move towards -MU as the new common platform? Cut a branch for the single-user code-base, maintain it for awhile, but do active development in the multi-user space? If anyone can shed some light on the reasoning here, I’d appreciate it 🙂

I also briefly looked at livejournal & Movable Type; both of these may merit more of a look.

Has anyone found a good python or java FOSS blogging system? If so, *please* let me know.

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