Finally started a vanity blog…

To date, I’ve resisted all attempts to create a personal blog; I’m just not the type of person that fills out a personal journal. Recent events, however, suggest an avenue for self-reflection could be useful… even if it’s just a sounding-board for work’ish things.

So, perhaps something here will one day interest someone other than myself. And, if not, hopefully it’ll help me solve one or two of those intractable problems that occasionally keep me awake at nights.

In any case, I think I’m finally settling into my new role at work. It was a pretty big shift for me, but it’s really starting to feel like the right one. The team I’m on is starting to get some real traction, and it’ll be a good thing to start crossing off some deliverables. Soon, we’ll have the worst of the fires under control, and actually start to get a curve a bit. Hey, who says I’m not an optimist 🙂

The wife and kid are heading to LA for a week; I’m not looking forward to that, but they’ll enjoy their time with her family out there. I plan to head to Philly this weekend to visit my sister, and no, I don’t plan on adding any new fractures in any historical artifacts, thank ye very much.

Perhaps I’ll post some photos when I get back.

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